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R1.5 | 580mm Knauf Earthwool Thermal Wall Insulation Batts (28.2m2 per pack)


  • Thickness – 75mm
  • Width – 580mm
  • Pack Size – 28.2m2
  • Pack Coverage – 31.0m2
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The Earthwool® External Wall Insulation Batt range is a new generation of softer, safer and more environmentally friendly glasswool insulation.

Advanced compression packaging reduces handling time and the storage space required on site. Although the product is primarily designed for use in external walls it can also be used for internal walls to reduce sound transmission from room to room. It is thermally efficient and cost effective in saving energy and providing increased comfort in buildings.

Earthwool® are the traditional insulation product for insulating external walls and are available in thicknesses to suit 75mm, 90mm and 140mm timber and metal frames. Unlike reflective foil, Earthwool External Wall Batts prevent heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter by countering convection, conduction and radiation.

Knauf Insulation also offers High Density (HD) and Super High Density (SHD) External Wall Batts with increased density and lower thermal conductivity to maximise energy savings.